Make Your Child’s Day!

How to bless your child and others too

We had the opportunity to make our child’s day and it was a success! The party went great, exceeded expectations.  AND, we helped make our girls’ day just a bit brighter.

Have you ever had the chance to make your child’s day?  I mean, to really make them feel special by putting in a lot of effort to show them how important they are to you?  

We had a chance to do that and at the same time bless  other kids.  In fact, we receive an equal blessing!

It all started the first day of our first ever home school co-op.  I watched my girls, as well as the other 25+ teens in co-op, struggle in taking a risk to meet one another.  There are 17 families, but half are new, so there were a lot of new faces for the new co-opers and old ones alike.

Our family had just come back from living internationally where we worked with youth, and as I watched the kids struggle that first day, a thought began to mature.

Putting Feet to the Idea of Making Our Child’s Day

I asked my husband what he thought about us planning an event for the teens of the co-op.  I knew we could use games that we’ve played with other teens before; trust building activities and ice-breakers.  (The book we used is Youth Group Trust Builders)

I wanted to give not only our girls, but the other kids, a great start to this new year.   We planned the event and hoped that 10 would show up.  We were greatly surprised when 24 came.

The games we played required that each of the kids talk to each other, as well as cooperate together to accomplish a task.  It was a great game for team and trust building.

It was rewarding to see how this event helped my girls to flourish as they laughed and joked with kids that just 2 weeks previous they had no idea how to relate to.  It helped not only our girls, but also the other teens who were struggling in the same way. 

Our girls thanked us for the event, as did the other kids and many of the parents.  It’s rewarding to know that we made their day; to know that we plugged in to them and strengthened our relationship just a bit more.

Are your kids struggling in an area? Is there some way that you could make your child’s day in order to help them through that struggle. Is there something you can do to strengthen your relationship and show them how important they are to you?

It’s important to continually find ways to strengthen the connections between you and your children.  In my book Plug In to Your Child, Ages 4-9: Connect to Your Child’s Heart and Motivate Great Behavior by Mendi Everett, I share some of our failures and some of our successes along the way in our parenting journey.  I also share some tips on how to continually build into your child and strengthen your connection.  Grab your copy and be encouraged!

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