Laugh!! It’s Good for the Family!

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One thing our family has is a sense of humor.

We love to laugh.  We appreciate a good comedy film, we laugh at funny videos, we lovingly tease one another to provoke a smile, and, yes, we laugh at bodily noises.

My husband’s father was well known for his humor.  He passed down that humor to my husband, and he, to our kids.  I like humor too, but have learned more from my husband than have come by it naturally.

A few weeks ago the kids and I were in our pool when my husband decided to join us. He is a self-proclaimed cold water wimp.  This particular afternoon he was the last one in the pool. As we watched him gingerly test the water to ease in, his foot slipped and he went flailing and tumbling into the pool.  It was hilarious!! Oh my word!! I chuckle just at the memory now!  

We laughed hard and still smile just remembering the scene.  After he righted himself and we all composed ourselves, we had a fun family time playing together in the pool.

These are plugging in moments where stronger connections happen.  I cherish this.  

Find something funny to laugh about today with your family.

Ways to find a good laugh:

  • Find funny videos on-line and watch them together.  Here’s a link to my crazy son’s Instagram. He loves to make people laugh. adhdimaginationsct
  • Play a fast game together, like Dutch Blitz, Speed Uno, Skipbo, Around the World Ping Pong.
  • Challenge each other to remember a funniest moment and share it.
  • Tell your best joke.
  • Tell a funny memory from your childhood to your kids.

Speaking of favorite funny memories, If you haven’t been in the habit of writing down memories, especially funny ones, here is a great journal that can help develop the habit.  This link will take you to another memory journal.

No matter if you buy a journal that gives you prompts, or you write a memory on a scrap of paper and throw it in a jar for safekeeping, try and get in the habit of writing down  funny memories to share with your family on occasion.

Enjoy plugging in! This is what relationships are made of!


4 thoughts on “Laugh!! It’s Good for the Family!

  1. Colleen says:

    Thx for bringing it up! I am not a naturally funny person, but I ❤️ the awesome humor of my “funny kiddos”. I need to make more time for that!
    Blessings, friend!

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