Monday Night Huddle–What Works For Our Family

We started something that we still like to do with our family.  It’s one of those things that stuck because we realized we were on to something good. We started meeting together weekly as a family, thus began our “Monday Night Huddle.”  

Funny thing is we didn’t even always have it on Mondays.  But the main point is that we found it important to meet with our kids regularly so they can have an opportunity to talk about things, anything. It is important for us too.  We come prepared and with a mind ready to listen.

It’s a time where they know they can come and say anything, even hard things.  Not that they can’t at any other time, but this just gives that specific time where they can bring anything to the table.  Here are some things that we do at our Monday Night Huddle. We don’t do all of these all of the time because we like variety:

Monday Night Huddles

Things We Vary

♥  We have family devotions.
(Here’s a book we used and loved! )

♥  We play a game.
(Here’s a  game that we like.)

♥  We just talk.
(Here’s a fun book of questions we use that spurs great conversation with all ages!)

♥  We tell the kids of upcoming changes or challenges and begin helping them process it. We have made major international moves.  Mainly from the US to Brasil and back….but we’ve made that move three times in 10 years and it’s a tough one.
(Here’s a post about our experience)

Things We ALWAYS Do

♥  Prayer is an important time of our meeting. We pray for one another, special requests, and we pray for other missionaries.
(Here’s a family prayer journal)

♥  We check in with our kids on how they are doing in areas they struggle in.

♥  We are transparent with them in some of our own failures and struggles.

♥  We check in with them on how they are doing in their time with God.  We encourage our kids from very young to foster their own relationship with the Lord.

 We talk about what we are learning in our own time with God.

No matter what we do, we try to make it interesting and we try to place priority on it. Our goal in these meetings is always to build a stronger connection with our kids and each other through communication.

Do you have a regular time that you meet together as a family? What do you do? What do you hope to achieve?  I know from experience that it is a fight trying to maintain that day and time as a priority.  

All of the sudden there are visits, sports, work, and meetings etc. that vie for that time.  Try and implement a regular family meeting into your family’s life if you don’t already.  I think you’ll agree that it is an opportunity to plug in to your child and build stronger connections with them.


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