Path of Totality– Surprises of Eclipse 2017

Path of Totality—Surprises of Eclipse 2017

path of totality


The Eclipse 2017 and the fact that Salem, OR is in the path of totality has been heavily on the news, on Facebook, in church bulletins, school news flashes, and in the newspaper over the past month.

Grocery stores planned for overwhelming crowds, Rumors were flying about the certainty of gridlocked traffic, overloaded electrical circuits, cell phone wave overcrowding….. it was very reminiscent of the gloom and doom people were preaching about Y2K.

I had my doubts that the predictions would come true, but like Y2K, we thought we’d be smart and at least get groceries and gas.

It was no surprise that these predictions did not come true. 

Although….when my husband went to the store a couple of days ago, the store was nearly out of bread and he had to buy packaged oatmeal because were there no more round containers of oatmeal.  I guess that could qualify as a crisis.

The traffic after the eclipse has been fairly heavy in places, but still not to the caliber of the dire predictions.

Regardless of the conditions predicted before and after with traffic and people etc., the actual eclipse event did not disappoint.

There were a few things that surprised us as we watched the eclipse taking place:

We were surprised by the shadows that it cast.  We have a lot of trees in our yard, yet had a clear view of the sun.  The sun casts shadows on our house through the leaves, but the shadows were like little bubbles floating on our house

.path of totality

We were surprised that the shadows were inverted images of the eclipse taking place; where the moon was covering the sun starting from the upper right and moving down, the shadows were inverse.

path of totality


We were surprised by how powerful the sun continued to be even when only the slightest sliver of it was visible.

We were surprised at how bright a planet was during the total eclipse.  We’re not completely sure at this point which one it was, but it was bright and beautifully visible.

It was a blessing to live in the path of totality and be able to just sit in our backyard and witness one of the most astronomically significant events recent history.

What about you? Comment below on your experience.  Were you in the path of totality? Did you travel to the path of totality?

It was even more amazing to think that our wonderfully creative God who made the universe and all it’s display is brighter and more powerful than this sun He made, and that I still matter to Him even with all of His incomparable grandness.  Thank you Jesus for loving me.  

Are you certain that He loves you?  Do you have a relationship with Him? Do you want to know more about Him? Do you know where to find the answers to these or other questions about Jesus and who He is?

You can download this What do I Really Need to Know About Jesus file here for free.  

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