Surprising Benefits to Being Totally Desperate

totally desperate

totally desperate

We were totally desperate. My husband got his paycheck and we hoped that this week there would be money in his boss’s account to be able to cash it.

We had just started raising support for our plans to move to Brasil as missionaries.  In fact, our first presentation at our first church was that next Sunday, one hour away. 

By that Sunday the only money we had was for gas for our vehicle to travel the hour, and gas for my husband to work during the week.  

We had run completely out of milk.  We simply explained to our kids that we didn’t have any milk and that they would just have to wait a few days until we had money to buy some.  Oh…and we ate the last of our bread for breakfast too.

That Sunday we nervously drove up to the church.  We unloaded the 5 kids, our newly minted presentation board and prayer cards, and bravely walked into the church.  

The first lady that we met greeted us and then said, “I have a gallon of milk for you, and some bread.”

I’m pretty sure we looked a bit silly as we all stood there with our mouths hanging wide open.  

How did she know?  How do we respond?  It took a moment for us to gather our composure.  Sadly, we hadn’t even prayed about it.  But God met that need  in a loud way before we asked.  

The reality is….He meets our needs exactly like this every. single. day, but we aren’t always in a position of being totally desperate in order to notice His provision in the same way as we did with the milk and bread.  

Our son is experiencing this front row seat to God’s amazing provision right now.  He is getting the awesome privilege of being so totally desperate that he can only sit at the feet of God and wait for promised provision.  

We, as his parents, are in a similar position.  Our initial instinct is to jump in to meet those needs, but God has us in a position where it’s just not possible.  

We are 3 days drive separated from Him, and we ourselves are relying on God for our every material need. We are completely trusting Him to meet the physical needs of our son, and He is not disappointing.  

The past couple of days our son has been in Chicago.  He just recently graduated from film school in Michigan and finished a summer internship.  

Now he’s looking for a job and was looking for a place to live.  He found temporary housing and has had several interviews the last three days.  

But he’s cash strapped.  There is money coming to him in 2-3 weeks, but there is none right now.  He needs to pay for his car insurance, gas, food, and phone right now.  

He messaged us that he was out of the money he had.  We’ve been praying and asking friends to pray.

Surprisingly, there has been very little stress on our part (except for waking up last night a little stressed, but being comforted by prayer).  

Today he messaged us and told us something that although made us smile and shake our heads, that head shaking wasn’t out of disbelief, but out of standing amazed at how God is so awesome and loving!  

Our son had originally been told to expect his security deposit on the room he had been renting in 2-3 weeks from now.  He messaged us that he was told by his old landlord that today, today out of all days….the day he was nearly down to  his last penny with no hopes of more any time soon, he would be receiving by Paypal his deposit money, and the one month’s rent that our son accidentally overpaid this month. 

It was no accident at all.  This was God’s creative way of providing for our son and increasing our son’s faith and trust in God’s mightiness.  

His spectacular provision is also an occasion when He receives great praise that He rightly deserves.  I’ve come up with a list of benefits to being totally desperate.

Wonderful Benefits to Being Totally Desperate;  

  •  It puts you in a position where you can only tune all of your senses to expectantly wait for His provision.
  • You experience God and His love in a real tangible way.  
  • Our kids learn and see and experience this God we love.
  • God’s provision is extremely creative and it’s fun to see how He acts in ways only He thinks of.
  • One can’t help but give testimony to God’s goodness.  
  • It is so fun to savor the personal care and sit in the awesomeness of God. One can’t but help smile.
  • His provision takes our eyes off of our problem and puts them rightly on Him.  
  • Out of our desperation, trust and confidence in Him grow.  

What would you add to the list?  How has He provided miraculously for you? Comment below about your experience.  

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