The Last Thing I Thought About When Homeschooling My High Schoolers!

High School Credit Hour Tracker


High School Credit Hour Tracker

I’ve graduated 3 kids from high school and have two more to go. So in essence I’ve gradated three more times.  😊

For those three, it was a challenge at times for me to collect my thoughts and memories and remember what extra- curricular activities they had been involved in throughout their high school days that I could count as high school credits.  It was one of the last things I thought about as we were trying to survive those activities day to day.

You probably know what I mean when I mention these activities.  The ones that we drive them to, become involved in, provide snacks for, make costumes for, volunteer our husbands to coach for, or build sets for….These have to count for something right??

My kids were involved in these activities….sports, drama, hobbies, construction projects, helping in ministry, yard work on a 5 acre retreat center, volunteering to work at a Word of Life Camp in Brasil for 6 weeks two summers in a row.  (It was nice that we only lived 20 minutes away at that time)

But how could I give a name and define a course and count the hours they spent doing those activities?

When they were applying for college, I had to think through and answer these types of questions for myself in order to make their transcripts.

It was a challenge for me to think through their electives because of this.  Bible, Grammar, literature, math, science, and history weren’t a problem, but that only accounted for about 14 of their credits.

Having gone through this process with my first three, I did some problem solving and developed a tool that I can use to help me keep better track as I go along with my youngest two.

It’s called high School Credit Hour Tracker and I thought it might be helpful to you too.  I have formulated a spreadsheet into which you can name the elective course, and track the weekly hours they spend involved in that activity.

Click here to watch a demonstration video, and then click here to purchase your High School Credit Hour Tracker today! Start keeping track and give your students the high school credits they’ve earned.


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