Meet the Author


Hi, My name is Mendi. I hope to encourage by showing you how we learned to connect stronger as a family.  From the time I can remember, I’ve always loved kids.  When I turned 12 I told everyone I knew that I was 12 and could babysit.  On most weekends I had a babysitting gig  and I loved it. That love turned into a dream of one day having a family of my own.

When I thought about my future, I always envisioned a family with 4 kids.  A year and a half after I got married, our first bundle of joy arrived! I was living my dream.  It was so exciting, new……. and a lot more difficult than I ever imagined it would be.  I thought I knew a lot about kids,  Only I had never had one 24/7 that needed me for everything.

Over time I learned some things that I never realized make such a huge difference in building relationships with my kids and family. I’ve learned many things and although certainly not perfect,  I have a lot to contribute in helping others on their journey in parenting and connecting stronger as a family.  I am dedicating this website to encouraging and helping others.  I hope your time on my site will encourage and refresh you in your journey to connect stronger with your kids and family.

God blessed us with 5 children.  I love my family.  Through the bumps in the road and a huge learning curve, we are thankful for the help we received.  I love our style of parenting.  We discovered a direction which helped us to achieve the outcomes and to connect stronger with our kids and with each other.  We’re not done yet.   We still find ourselves learning things that help even more in building into our kids’ lives and help in building stronger connections as a family.