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A Surprising Way I Earned $600 Last Month



Uber!  Who knew!! Until about two years ago, I didn’t even know what Uber was. I only knew the word ‘Uber’ for when we used it in reference to something that was more than Super Great….like Uber Awesome!

But I learned about the ride share program, Uber, through our college age son who uses it to get around sometimes.

I’ve been blogging for a year now, and wrote a slightly humorous blog post here on how it’s been a huge challenge that I’m endeavoring to conquer.

As I communicate my heart and encourage about things that are important to life and living, family and relationships, I’m also trying to use this blogging as a tool to contribute to our family’s income and help in funding our ministry.

There are some who believe blogging is either a ministry or a way to make an income, but it shouldn’t be both.  I am not one of them.  I am unashamedly admitting that I am hoping that the work that I am doing in blogging will eventually bring in a part time income to help with our ministry.

In the meantime I had to temporarily stop putting as much into blogging as I wanted and do something else that would help our family be able to have food on the table now.

A friend told us about driving for Uber.  It caught both my husband’s and my attention….Uber? Hmmm, could this be something that the Lord would use to help us bring in money right now.

First, let me explain Uber just in case you’re not sure.  Uber is a ride sharing service; similar to a taxi.  But the difference is, Uber drivers are not employed by Uber.  They just sign up to drive for Uber, submit some documents, and wait for approval.

Once that happens they turn on the apps on their smartphones and wait for their first ping that signals someone near them has requested a ride through the Uber Rider app.  Uber sends that request to the nearest Uber driver with their app on.  The driver accepts the drive and then the app navigates the driver to where the rider is.  After the rider is picked up, the app then tells the driver where the rider wants to go.  It could be across town, or it could be just a few blocks away.  There is no money exchanged between driver and rider (unless the rider wants to leave a cash tip). Uber takes care of collecting the fees and paying the drivers all through the app.

Uber also works on a rating system.  The driver rates the rider 1-5 stars, and visa versa.  The drivers’ ratings need to stay at or above a 4.6 to continue driving for Uber.  That means, the driver has to go the extra mile on kindness, thoughtfulness, and smooth driving.

I like to have bottled water and a phone charger slot available, I sometimes open doors for the riders, and I base how much I converse with the rider on cues from them.

When I signed up Uber did a background check and looked at my driving history. We also had to have our car inspected.  The car requirements are that the car needs to be a 4 door, and it has to be 2007 or newer.  There are different requirements for different cities.  These are the ones for our city.

On October 30th, I turned on my Uber Driver app for the first time.  I was really nervous.  I got a ping about 20 minutes after turning on my app and my stomach lurched! Would I know what to do? Where to go? Would I be safe?

I picked up a sweet young woman and took her to where she wanted to go.  We had a nice conversation and I was hooked.  I love driving Uber.  I get to meet all different sorts of people, most of whom I have learned something interesting.

Not only do I love it, the Lord has allowed it to be a tool for ministry.  One young gal that I have picked up a couple of times has an elderly husband in ill health.  She is from another country, doesn’t have any family around, and doesn’t know how to drive.  Her husband’s health is failing, and he probably won’t be on this earth much longer.  I am pleased to have exchanged phone numbers with her and hope to get together with her and teach her to drive.

In addition to unexpected ministry, the Lord, through Uber, has supplied just what we need to take care of our family.  I have driven an average of 3 hours a day during the week and was able to contribute $600 towards our needs this past 30 days.  My husband has also gone out driving some and we now have a few dollars towards Christmas.

One thing I particularly like is that either Uber sends by direct deposit what you earn one time a week, or you can cash out at any time for a 50 cent fee. When they direct deposit, it hits your bank a few days later.  But when you cash out, it hits your bank immediately.

My husband and I decided that we’d each cash out once a week as that seems to fit what our family needs right now.

I plan to continue blogging in hopes that this will begin to generate a more passive income, but until that time happens, driving for Uber has been a huge blessing.

If you need some quick cash, Uber may be for you. First it takes about a week to sign up, then you can happily be delivering people or UberEATS for quick cash.

Check it out by clicking on this link.  



extra income now

Training vs Discipline-The Parenting Dilema



When I thought about raising children in the beginning of my parenting journey, I thought I knew what to do when a child misbehaved.

I had learned from my parents, watched other parents discipline their children, and felt confident of what I would do or not do, depending on the example I was given.   What I hadn’t factored in was….. maybe there was more to parenting than what I had observed.

As our first son began to need his behavior corrected, I only focused on discipline. It was only a little bit later that I learned there is actually something that comes before discipline…. Training.

Let me explain. Continue reading “Training vs Discipline-The Parenting Dilema”

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Laugh!! It’s Good for the Family!

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One thing our family has is a sense of humor.

We love to laugh.  We appreciate a good comedy film, we laugh at funny videos, we lovingly tease one another to provoke a smile, and, yes, we laugh at bodily noises.

My husband’s father was well known for his humor.  He passed down that humor to my husband, and he, to our kids.  I like humor too, but have learned more from my husband than have come by it naturally.

A few weeks ago the kids and I were in our pool when my husband decided to join us. He is a self-proclaimed cold water wimp.  This particular afternoon he was the last one in the pool. As we watched him gingerly test the water to ease in, his foot slipped and he went flailing and tumbling into the pool.  It was hilarious!! Oh my word!! I chuckle just at the memory now!   Continue reading “Laugh!! It’s Good for the Family!”

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How to Be a Close Knit Family

We had the privilege of living in Southern Brasil for 10 years.  It contributed to our being a close knit family. Our family experienced challenges and grew during our time there.  Yet, one of our struggles was in finding consistent ways to connect to each other. There were so many distractions and important things that vied for our time. Continue reading “How to Be a Close Knit Family”

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Connecting Through Critters???


Have you ever thought that getting critters would be useful in connecting with your child?  We recently had a “connecting through critters” experience that, although not so funny at the time, certainly was later.  Who knew that connecting through critters could happen?

We just moved back to the US after living in Brasil for 10 years as missionaries.  We had to leave our dogs and that was hard to do.  Our girls miss our dogs and both have their birthdays in October. 

We’re not quite set up to get a dog yet, but they both wanted these little critters called Sugar Gliders.  They spread the word to family and ended up with enough money to purchase them and fly them in from Houston. Continue reading “Connecting Through Critters???”

Creative Mind

The Struggle of Raising a Creative Mind Child

My husband and I are raising the last 2 of our 5 kids.  We have immensely enjoyed raising them.  That doesn’t mean that it has always been easy, in fact, most of the time it hasn’t been. Our second son presented some unique challenges with his creative mind, but we don’t choose to look at hard as equal to bad or something not enjoyable.

One of our particular challenges in raising our second son was his wildly creative mind. While my husband and I have windows of creativity that open and close….more often closed than open, The Lord blessed us with this incredibly gifted son who challenged our parenting in a way our first hadn’t. Continue reading “The Struggle of Raising a Creative Mind Child”


How to Train Your Toddler to Listen to Your ‘No’

*This post is a follow up to one I wrote just a few days ago. if you’d like to read the first one click here. I want to encourage you in getting an early start on training your children, especially in seeing the importance to train your toddler, in order to reduce struggles later on.

A fundamental training session is to train your toddler to listen to your, “no.” I remember studying in Early Childhood Ed in college, working in a preschool later on and seeing how diversion was the “in” thing. I remember thinking on several occasions that diversion only delayed poor behavior. I didn’t even have kids yet, but I knew that this didn’t seem very productive. The child is being diverted away from issues that will always come back because nothing was learned. This thought was half right. Poor behavior is not only delayed, but the part I didn’t realize until later is that  the child doesn’t learn the desired behavior. If my child hits another, first I want to find out why, and then teach him the right way. I don’t want to simply remove him from the situation. Continue reading “How to Train Your Toddler to Listen to Your ‘No’”

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What Changed My Life as a Parent–Part 1

What is it that changed my life?  Let me tell you…. when I took myself out of my parenting, then my life as a parent was changed forever!

What do I mean when I say ‘took myself out of my parenting?’

Read on and you’ll soon find out.

We were recently talking in Sunday school about how we react to stimuli based on what we think and what we believe. The discussion came around to how we might react angrily if we take someone else’s behavior personally.

It brought something to my mind that seemed to fit this same scenario.  It’s what changed my life as a parent. Continue reading “What Changed My Life as a Parent–Part 1”

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One More Flew The Nest- Parenting Struggles

I have a love/hate relationship with a certain part of my life right now; parenting.

 I really do love where my kids are at (although to be honest, I almost always have) I love raising them, seeing them learn and grow.  

Our relationship transitions into one of mentor/coach as they reach a certain level of maturity and as we relinquish some of our authority. They  transitioning into learning to listen to the voice of God in their lives.

Then they are ready, (waaaaayyy before I am ready), to leave and find the purpose God has for them now and for their future.  

I don’t hate it because I want to hang on and delay giving up my active parenting.  I dislike their leaving because  we have grown into friends and I just plain miss them.  I like them and miss each of my sons and the enhancement they bring into my life when we are together.  

I swell up with pride as I think of them now and the admiration I have for the men they are.  It’s not always coffee and roses, but we challenge each other and we learn to relate to each other as members as the body of Christ.  

We are growing in our abilities to change as our role in parenting diminishes even more and we rise up and become more like advisers and peers, but with a bit more wisdom than them in their seasons of life. 

How and when we should give advice to our adult children is still something we’re learning.  It is not so cut and dry.  They are learning to speak up when they feel we’ve crossed a line.  It can be tough, but our relationship has been built on mutual respect and we will continue to reap the sweetness that comes from the hard work in earlier years.

For us to have relationships built on mutual respect, and to be able to reap the sweetness that comes from hard work in the earlier years, there had to have been a plan and a direction in those earlier years.  

It didn’t necessarily start out that way in our parenting journey, but we had help.  

I’d like to offer help through a book that I wrote about our experience that includes tips and examples that point you in a direction that leads to this type of sweet relationship later.  My book is Plug In to Your Child, Ages 4-9: Connect to Your Child’s Heart and Motivate Great Behavior by Mendi Everett.  Continue reading “One More Flew The Nest- Parenting Struggles”

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Enter Their World–Strengthen a Connection



“So, wait, how do I fly?” I ask as I frantically push every button on the controller. (I’m playing video games with my daughter trying to strengthen our connection)

“You push X twice.” She calmly responds and she moves her character efficiently across the screen.

“Ok, but how do I go higher?” I’m panicking now.

“You push X a little at a time!” She continues to calmly explain.

“Now how do I land?”  As I watch my character fly to places unknown.

“You push O twice.”  She responds affectionately with a little eye roll and a smirk.

This is me trying to play video games with my daughter.  She likes to play video games every once in a while, so I wanted to enter her world with the purpose of creating another connection with her. 

It was a moment to make fun of mom’s complete lack of video gaming skill, while appreciating my attempt to enter her world and let her know that she matters to me. Continue reading “Enter Their World–Strengthen a Connection”