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A Way to Make Extra Income Now!


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In a previous blog post,(you can read about it here) I explained about how I found a way to make extra income ($600) this past month driving Uber.  BUT, that isn’t the whole story.

When I signed up to drive Uber I saw that I could also deliver for UberEATS.  I selected that option during the sign up process, but was told that UberEATS wasn’t yet in my city, so I didn’t think much more about it.

Fast forward two weeks.  I began actually driving for Uber on Oct 30th.  It was an exciting and nerve-wracking time, but after I had a few drives under my belt, I settled in and realized how I love driving for Uber.

On Oct 31st, my second day driving and still feeling very much the novice, I got a ping (that’s Uber lingo for a ride request.) that, instead of saying the person’s name that I would pick up, it said “Delivery.”

At first I sat and stared at my phone with furrowed brows trying to figure out what that meant.  But, since I only have about 15 seconds to accept the ride or delivery before the ping goes to another driver, I decided to jump in with both feet.

I’m not a fan of the unknown, really.  This wasn’t completely within my comfort zone.  BUT, I accepted it and the app. guided me to a restaurant.  I parked in front and took my phone with me when I  went in and walked up to the counter, probably still with the furrowed-brow uncertain look.

The server asked me if I was there for UberEATS, and then I perked up.  Ohhh kay.  This “delivery” was UberEATS. 

(What is UberEATS, you ask??  Good question!  Generally we think of delivery as pizza or JimmyJohns. UberEATS is a similiar meal delivery program, except the driver doesn’t work for the restaurant, but drives for Uber like I do to make extra income now.  There is a special UberEATS app. that pertains to your city. (If UberEATS is in your city, that is.)  You can open the app. to see which restaurants participate.  Pick a restaurant, look at their menu, order what you want and pay in the app. with your debit card.  Uber sends a message to the restaurant, and pings the nearest UberEATS delivery driver.  The driver makes their way to the restaurant, and the restaurant begins preparing your order.  The driver arrives at the restaurant, picks up your order when it’s ready, and brings it to your house.  You’ve already paid through the app., although you can leave a tip on the app. or in cash for a job well done.)

Now back to the story……She let know me the order was ready and after clicking through the app., I came to a page that gave the order number and the food ordered.  After the server and I compared order numbers and confirmed the order, I grabbed it and continued following instructions on the app. as I walked back to my car.  It gave me the location to where I was going to deliver the food, and as I drove, it navigated me there.  This was working out to be a cool way to make extra income now!

I approached the destination and the app. told me that the person would be waiting outside.  I drove up to the hotel breeze-way, and a young woman looking like she was waiting for something, phone in hand, stood near the same spot.

When I stopped the car, I rolled down my window and she approached.  So far so good. (The rider or person who orders food is given the make/model/and color of my car as well as my first name)  I hoped she was the gal I was delivering to, either that or someone might have gotten some free food.  😊

Turned out to be the right person.  We confirmed names and order numbers and the contents of the order. I mentioned that I hadn’t expected to be delivering UberEATS as I had understood that it wasn’t in the city yet.

It was then I noticed she had an UberEATS t-shirt on.  She pointed to it and said that UberEATS was launching the next day and that I was the first UberEATS delivery in my city!  How fun!!  She urged me to hold on and ran back in and came out with an UberEATS airfreshener and sunglasses for me as a gift. Ah! That was nice!

I drove off feeling happy and thankful to the Lord that this whole Uber driving thing was turning out so enjoyable and at the same time helping our family to make ends meet.

Are you interested or in need of a way to make money NOW for your family? 

Signing up to drive Uber is a quick process, especially if your car passes the inspection easily.  I was approved for driving within a week of submitting all of the documents necessary.  

 If you’re interested in knowing more about how to drive for Uber, click on this link to check it out.  Driving for Uber and UberEATS could be as helpful to you as it has been to our family.

If you’ve never used UberEATS to order take-out and would like to try it, download the UberEATS app and look through the restaurants in your city.  You can use this code eats-everettm477ui and get $10 off your first order!



extra income now

A Surprising Way I Earned $600 Last Month



Uber!  Who knew!! Until about two years ago, I didn’t even know what Uber was. I only knew the word ‘Uber’ for when we used it in reference to something that was more than Super Great….like Uber Awesome!

But I learned about the ride share program, Uber, through our college age son who uses it to get around sometimes.

I’ve been blogging for a year now, and wrote a slightly humorous blog post here on how it’s been a huge challenge that I’m endeavoring to conquer.

As I communicate my heart and encourage about things that are important to life and living, family and relationships, I’m also trying to use this blogging as a tool to contribute to our family’s income and help in funding our ministry.

There are some who believe blogging is either a ministry or a way to make an income, but it shouldn’t be both.  I am not one of them.  I am unashamedly admitting that I am hoping that the work that I am doing in blogging will eventually bring in a part time income to help with our ministry.

In the meantime I had to temporarily stop putting as much into blogging as I wanted and do something else that would help our family be able to have food on the table now.

A friend told us about driving for Uber.  It caught both my husband’s and my attention….Uber? Hmmm, could this be something that the Lord would use to help us bring in money right now.

First, let me explain Uber just in case you’re not sure.  Uber is a ride sharing service; similar to a taxi.  But the difference is, Uber drivers are not employed by Uber.  They just sign up to drive for Uber, submit some documents, and wait for approval.

Once that happens they turn on the apps on their smartphones and wait for their first ping that signals someone near them has requested a ride through the Uber Rider app.  Uber sends that request to the nearest Uber driver with their app on.  The driver accepts the drive and then the app navigates the driver to where the rider is.  After the rider is picked up, the app then tells the driver where the rider wants to go.  It could be across town, or it could be just a few blocks away.  There is no money exchanged between driver and rider (unless the rider wants to leave a cash tip). Uber takes care of collecting the fees and paying the drivers all through the app.

Uber also works on a rating system.  The driver rates the rider 1-5 stars, and visa versa.  The drivers’ ratings need to stay at or above a 4.6 to continue driving for Uber.  That means, the driver has to go the extra mile on kindness, thoughtfulness, and smooth driving.

I like to have bottled water and a phone charger slot available, I sometimes open doors for the riders, and I base how much I converse with the rider on cues from them.

When I signed up Uber did a background check and looked at my driving history. We also had to have our car inspected.  The car requirements are that the car needs to be a 4 door, and it has to be 2007 or newer.  There are different requirements for different cities.  These are the ones for our city.

On October 30th, I turned on my Uber Driver app for the first time.  I was really nervous.  I got a ping about 20 minutes after turning on my app and my stomach lurched! Would I know what to do? Where to go? Would I be safe?

I picked up a sweet young woman and took her to where she wanted to go.  We had a nice conversation and I was hooked.  I love driving Uber.  I get to meet all different sorts of people, most of whom I have learned something interesting.

Not only do I love it, the Lord has allowed it to be a tool for ministry.  One young gal that I have picked up a couple of times has an elderly husband in ill health.  She is from another country, doesn’t have any family around, and doesn’t know how to drive.  Her husband’s health is failing, and he probably won’t be on this earth much longer.  I am pleased to have exchanged phone numbers with her and hope to get together with her and teach her to drive.

In addition to unexpected ministry, the Lord, through Uber, has supplied just what we need to take care of our family.  I have driven an average of 3 hours a day during the week and was able to contribute $600 towards our needs this past 30 days.  My husband has also gone out driving some and we now have a few dollars towards Christmas.

One thing I particularly like is that either Uber sends by direct deposit what you earn one time a week, or you can cash out at any time for a 50 cent fee. When they direct deposit, it hits your bank a few days later.  But when you cash out, it hits your bank immediately.

My husband and I decided that we’d each cash out once a week as that seems to fit what our family needs right now.

I plan to continue blogging in hopes that this will begin to generate a more passive income, but until that time happens, driving for Uber has been a huge blessing.

If you need some quick cash, Uber may be for you. First it takes about a week to sign up, then you can happily be delivering people or UberEATS for quick cash.

Check it out by clicking on this link.