Surprising Benefits to Being Totally Desperate

totally desperate

We were totally desperate. My husband got his paycheck and we hoped that this week there would be money in his boss’s account to be able to cash it.

We had just started raising support for our plans to move to Brasil as missionaries.  In fact, our first presentation at our first church was that next Sunday, one hour away. 

By that Sunday the only money we had was for gas for our vehicle to travel the hour, and gas for my husband to work during the week.  

We had run completely out of milk.  We simply explained to our kids that we didn’t have any milk and that they would just have to wait a few days until we had money to buy some.  Oh…and we ate the last of our bread for breakfast too. Continue reading “Surprising Benefits to Being Totally Desperate”

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How to Be a Close Knit Family

We had the privilege of living in Southern Brasil for 10 years.  It contributed to our being a close knit family. Our family experienced challenges and grew during our time there.  Yet, one of our struggles was in finding consistent ways to connect to each other. There were so many distractions and important things that vied for our time. Continue reading “How to Be a Close Knit Family”

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Enter Their World–Strengthen a Connection



“So, wait, how do I fly?” I ask as I frantically push every button on the controller. (I’m playing video games with my daughter trying to strengthen our connection)

“You push X twice.” She calmly responds and she moves her character efficiently across the screen.

“Ok, but how do I go higher?” I’m panicking now.

“You push X a little at a time!” She continues to calmly explain.

“Now how do I land?”  As I watch my character fly to places unknown.

“You push O twice.”  She responds affectionately with a little eye roll and a smirk.

This is me trying to play video games with my daughter.  She likes to play video games every once in a while, so I wanted to enter her world with the purpose of creating another connection with her. 

It was a moment to make fun of mom’s complete lack of video gaming skill, while appreciating my attempt to enter her world and let her know that she matters to me. Continue reading “Enter Their World–Strengthen a Connection”