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Path of Totality– Surprises of Eclipse 2017

Path of Totality—Surprises of Eclipse 2017

path of totality


The Eclipse 2017 and the fact that Salem, OR is in the path of totality has been heavily on the news, on Facebook, in church bulletins, school news flashes, and in the newspaper over the past month.

Grocery stores planned for overwhelming crowds, Rumors were flying about the certainty of gridlocked traffic, overloaded electrical circuits, cell phone wave overcrowding….. it was very reminiscent of the gloom and doom people were preaching about Y2K.

I had my doubts that the predictions would come true, but like Y2K, we thought we’d be smart and at least get groceries and gas.

It was no surprise that these predictions did not come true.  Continue reading “Path of Totality– Surprises of Eclipse 2017”